Go Big Data or go home

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Watch any TV game show that features an element of risk, and you’ll be bound to hear one of the participants utter the phrase that has essentially become the gambler’s mantra – “Go big or go home.” Those who go big are sometimes rewarded for their efforts, and the same can be said about Big Data integration for enterprises.

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Carried away

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The Federal Court of Appeal of Canada played the role of codebreaker recently when it announced that it had rejected a challenge from Canada’s big mobile carriers over a national wireless code of conduct that would apply to all three-year cellular phone contracts.

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Wearable wellness

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As devices like the Apple Watch, Fitbit and Pebble become more popular, it has become quite clear that the revolution will be wearable. Not only do these devices offer many of the same features as smartphones, they also help wearers to maintain their personal fitness.

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Ready for self-driving vehicles?

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You may have heard about Google’s self-driving vehicle that was designed to cater to one’s complete driving needs. Imagine having your own chauffeur or a designated driver that is there for you when you have one too many.

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Ignite your passion

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Last week (May 4-8), Microsoft held their first-ever Microsoft Ignite conference. The event focused on business innovation through software and hardware developments in the data centre, cloud, and mobile applications.

The partner’s take: Mainland Information Systems

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Agility, strength and power are three words you usually hear associated with exercising or fitness. People usually need to have these three qualities or develop them in order to achieve their personal fitness goals. The same can be said about companies in the IT services sector.

Taking it to the VMAX

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Technology is all about taking things to “the max.” For example, businesses are forever looking for ways to maximize their profits, and product developers want to maximize customer engagement by introducing inventive new offerings. But when it comes to data storage, reaching the max requires enterprises to maximize their space. Realizing this, EMC has made changes to an existing platform to further increase maximum limits.

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The Zovirax medication

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