Application whitelisting

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The NSA’s recent report, Defensive Best Practices for Destructive Malware contains little new information, although it does serve to emphasize that firewalls and antivirus are not enough to protect corporations from attack.

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Living in a wearable world

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Recent advancements in technology are turning everyday devices like watches into mobile devices that are on par with smartphones. They’ve gone from pedestrian timepieces to fitness companions to portable health trackers, and the healthcare industry is beginning to take notice.

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Big business for Big Data

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The changing face of Big Data has enterprises of all sizes scrambling to find products and services to assist with the management and analysis of business-critical data. A new release from SAP will help to resolve some of these issues.

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The Channel Corner

The route to better connectivity

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As the world of connectivity continues to evolve, so do the devices that facilitate proper connections. Routers are no exception to this rule, and a new release from TP-LINK seeks to simplify and expedite connecting to the Internet.

HP thinks small with new Mini Desktop

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Are the days of the desktop PC numbered?

Household life gets smarter

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It’s often said that home is where the heart is, but a series of new product releases from TP-LINK will transform homes to where the technology is.

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